Extra pages

Please sir, can I have more?The page count of a comic book is pivotal, and it’s important when writing to hit the target number.

When Róisín Dubh was first envisioned last year it was originally slated for a 3 x 20 page min-series that would be collected into a graphic novel later.

As the project took form Rob re-considered the idea in light of the time and cost involved, and the simple dynamics of the comic book industry. It was decided that we should skip the three one-off comics and go straight to producing a graphic novel. Since the story was already split into three it made sense to present them as three chapters within the graphic novel.

When I was writing the three scripts I had considerable difficulty squeezing all the story elements into twenty pages. When I was into my second drafts of the script this became more difficult, especially when I started to see the initial excellent artwork from Stephen in late December. I didn’t want to have too many pages with 7-9 panels on them, because once you add in the ballons it doesn’t leave a lot of space for the art. After all, this is a visual medium. I could have just about managed with the original page count, but I felt it would be a disservice to the story and the artwork.

Since we were already planning for a graphic novel I pitched the idea to Rob and Stephen that we go for 3 x 22 page chapters. Six extra pages does have a cost and time factor, so I was aware that it might not happen.

Thankfully, I got the green-light from Rob and Stephen. This necessitated me doing a very fast re-write of the first chapter as Stephen was already working on it. Luckily, the changes I made didn’t kick in until after the point where he was drawing.

We’re all a lot happier with the extra space for the characters to realise their adventures.


About Maura McHugh

I'm a weird writer who lives in Galway, Ireland.

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