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Bristol Ahoy!

Bristol International Comic & Small Press ExpoThis weekend the Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo is taking place – the annual comic book Mecca in the UK.

Both Rob Curley and Stephen Daly will be attending, promoting Róisín Dubh and handing out preview issues of the comic book. If any of you are going to the Expo, make sure to drop by the Atomic Diner stand and say hello to both of them.

Fingers crossed that the Icelandic ash cloud of doom decides to fume away from Ireland and the UK for the next few days!

Finally, a big thank you to screenwriter/author/comic book writer Paul Cornell for plugging Róisín Dubh on his blog last week. His kind words had us all ablush.


Irish Free Comic Book Day

Free Comics DayThis Saturday is Free Comic Book Day in Ireland. Free Comic Book Day started in the USA in 2002, and as the name implies, is a day when participating retailers hand out copies of comic books to their customers for free.

Here is the list of shops involved in Irish Free Comic Book Day:

There will be five titles available:

Each person can get one copy of the free titles available – on a first-come first-served basis of course! So drop into one of these fine establishment this Saturday and find out what’s happening in the Irish comic book scene.