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2-D Comic Book Festival

2-D Comic Book FestivalRóisín Dubh is going to Derry’s 2-D Comic book Festival!

The event is taking place from the Thursday, 2nd June – Saturday, 4th of June, and is completely free.

The Guests of Honour are Mark Chiarello, Mick McMahon and Glen Fabry. The guest list includes both Irish and International comic book writers and artists, including Stephen Downey who is the artist on another Atomic Diner title, Jennifer Wilde.

I’ll be attending from Friday evening, and copies of Róisín Dubh will be available to buy all day on Saturday.

The first issue of Róisín Dubh is set in Garvagh, in Co. Derry, so in some ways Róisín will be going home.

There are lots of events going on at the festival, as can be seen from the below trailer:

I look forward to meeting comic book fans in Northern Ireland!


interviews and feedback

Dublin has been locked down for almost a week and a half thanks to a visit by Queen Elizabeth II, the funeral of respected politician Garret Fitzgerald and the state visit of USA President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to Ireland.

Despite the decrease in foot traffic in Dublin, sales of Róisín Dubh have been brisk. Plus, there are sales coming in via the Atomic Diner web site, which is not subject to the vagaries of police barricades.

So far the feedback from those who have purchased issue 1 has been positive, with most people demanding issue 2 as soon as possible.

Maura, contrastedWe will do our best!

Also, thanks to Jenni Hill and the fabulous women at Bad Reputation, for their two-part interview with me about Róisín Dubh.

You can read them here: Róisín Dubh, Demons, and Bicycles: an interview with author Maura McHugh (Part One) and Róisín Dubh, Demons, and Bicycles: an interview with author Maura McHugh (Part Two).

We are hugely appreciative of everyone who supports our project!

The Queen has arrived

Róisín Dubh, Chapter 1, coverThe Queen of Darkness, aka Róisín Dubh, arrived today in Sub-City in Dublin and has already been selling well.

If you wish to purchase it online it costs €5.50, plus €1.00 postage for Ireland, €1.50 for England and and extra €0.50 for other countries.

Copies will be arriving in Sub-City in Galway by the weekend, and in other outlets soon.

Issue 1 is a limited run, so get your copies while you can!

Issue 1, page 5

RD1, Chapter 1, page 5

Another page from the first issue of Róisín Dubh to tantalise you…

Issue 1 sample is okay

The sample copy of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh has been delivered to Atomic Diner HQ and has been given the nod of approval by Robert Curley.

All going well we could have delivery of the first issue by Friday the 13th – an auspicious date!