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arcade con & interview

@racde con 2011

@rcadeCon is a new Irish convention that brings together Anime, comic book, gaming, music and movie fans running from 1st – 3rd July in the Ballsbridge Inn Hotel.

@rcadeCon will be showcasing workshops, gaming, cosplay, a masquerade ball and panel discussions. It will also feature input from seven special guests, including Robert Curley.

It should be a great event for Irish fans, and you will be able to pick up a copy of Róisín Dubh and have it signed by Robert.

In other news The Irish Times published an article on Monday called “The brave new world of comic-book heroines“, written by Sinéad Gleeson. It discusses women in the Irish comic book scene, features commentary from both Maura McHugh and Robert and mentions Róisín Dubh.



Irish Comic News

After the Squarebound event in Dublin recently Irish artist Tommie Kelly realised that the Irish comic book scene could use a central resource, especially to aid networking about comic book events in Ireland, and in a splurge of activity created a terrific site called Irish Comic News.

It describes itself as “…a website dedicated to the Irish comic Scene. It contains interviews, a forum, event guides, tutorials and all news related to the Irish Comic Scene.” Tommie is being helped in his efforts by Patrick Brown, Hilary Lawler and Gar Shanley, with contributions from David O’Leary.

For the past week ICN has been sending a standard questionnaire to Irish comic book creators and posting their responses online. You can read Robert Curely’s answers and  my answers on the site.

As well as this David O’Leary has kindly written a review of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh. Here’s a sampler:

The story is utterly enticing. If this is any indication of what is planned in the overall picture, then we are well placed. I love the period that the book is set in. I love the characters traits and how the time influences the thinking of them, particularly Roisin’s father. I love the attention to the little details that McHugh brings forth. This could be the beginning of something special. Keep your eyes peeled.

The art is also just as noteworthy. The black and white art is exactly what the tone of the story demands of it. There are some cool images in the book, one being the image of the Neamh-Mharibh’s position in the mound after being buried. Something about that panel was visually very catching. The clothes and time specific items must have took a bit of research and the look of the book looks as detailed as the story does. Also, the cover by Stephen Byrne is beautiful in its simplicity.

Squarebound in Dublin

The Atomic Diner Panel at Squarebound

Maura McHugh, Robert Curley & Barry Keegan (Photo courtesy of Malcolm Hutchinson)

Here’s a photo of Maura McHugh, Robert Curley and Barry Keegan (League of Volunteers) at the Atomic Diner Panel at the Squarebound one-day comic book creator’s convention in the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin last Saturday.

The three of us discussed our various projects from the writing and art point of views and how we work together. There was a interested crowd of people and The Comic Cast recorded most of the panel.

Our panel was preceeded by a fascinating audio visual presentation put together by Liam Geraghty and Craig O Connor of The Comic Cast in which three Irish comic book creators discussed the work of artists who inspired them. It was a great insight into how artists are informed and provoked by their colleagues, past and present.

After the Atomic Diner panel novelist and 2000AD writer Michael Carroll gave an informative discussion on how to apply to 2000AD as a writer, with tips and tricks aplenty, including a surfeit of puns.

After lunch Irish artist/writer Gerry Hunt was interviewed about his work and methods, followed by a discussion with Spanish artist/writer Alfonso Zapico.

The day was rounded off with a panel with Irish artist/writer Alan Nolan with Ivan O’Brien of O’Brien Press, discussing the fun series of children’s graphic novels that Alan has created.

There was a friendly crowd, good conversation and plenty of examples that the Irish comic book scene is growing apace every day. Thanks to everyone who turned up to our panel, and to all of you who bought copies of Róisín Dubh.

As always we appreciate the support of our community!

Review on Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet International

Róisín Dubh issue 1 has been reviewed on the Forbidden Planet International blog by James Bacon.

Here’s the opening salvo:

This comic comes loaded, baby. Filled with modern Chick Power, a dangerous mix of brilliance and style with a political reality lurking just under the surface.

Derry abú and Film Night

Thanks to the organisers and attendees of the 2-D Comic book Festival in Derry for giving me a warm, friendly welcome last weekend, and to all the people who bought a copy of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh: thank you very much!

Short Film NightIt was a terrific, fun event and I’ll do my utmost to be there next year.

Robert Curley will be signing copies of Róisín Dubh issue 1 on Tuesday, the 14th of June from 6.30pm onwards at the Sugar Club, Leeson Street in Dublin as part of its Short Film Night.

A short documentary about the similarities between the comic and filmmaking process will be shown, along with other short films.