Squarebound in Dublin

The Atomic Diner Panel at Squarebound

Maura McHugh, Robert Curley & Barry Keegan (Photo courtesy of Malcolm Hutchinson)

Here’s a photo of Maura McHugh, Robert Curley and Barry Keegan (League of Volunteers) at the Atomic Diner Panel at the Squarebound one-day comic book creator’s convention in the Irish Writers’ Centre in Dublin last Saturday.

The three of us discussed our various projects from the writing and art point of views and how we work together. There was a interested crowd of people and The Comic Cast recorded most of the panel.

Our panel was preceeded by a fascinating audio visual presentation put together by Liam Geraghty and Craig O Connor of The Comic Cast in which three Irish comic book creators discussed the work of artists who inspired them. It was a great insight into how artists are informed and provoked by their colleagues, past and present.

After the Atomic Diner panel novelist and 2000AD writer Michael Carroll gave an informative discussion on how to apply to 2000AD as a writer, with tips and tricks aplenty, including a surfeit of puns.

After lunch Irish artist/writer Gerry Hunt was interviewed about his work and methods, followed by a discussion with Spanish artist/writer Alfonso Zapico.

The day was rounded off with a panel with Irish artist/writer Alan Nolan with Ivan O’Brien of O’Brien Press, discussing the fun series of children’s graphic novels that Alan has created.

There was a friendly crowd, good conversation and plenty of examples that the Irish comic book scene is growing apace every day. Thanks to everyone who turned up to our panel, and to all of you who bought copies of Róisín Dubh.

As always we appreciate the support of our community!


About Maura McHugh

I'm a weird writer who lives in Galway, Ireland.

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