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arcade con & interview

@racde con 2011

@rcadeCon is a new Irish convention that brings together Anime, comic book, gaming, music and movie fans running from 1st – 3rd July in the Ballsbridge Inn Hotel.

@rcadeCon will be showcasing workshops, gaming, cosplay, a masquerade ball and panel discussions. It will also feature input from seven special guests, including Robert Curley.

It should be a great event for Irish fans, and you will be able to pick up a copy of Róisín Dubh and have it signed by Robert.

In other news The Irish Times published an article on Monday called “The brave new world of comic-book heroines“, written by Sinéad Gleeson. It discusses women in the Irish comic book scene, features commentary from both Maura McHugh and Robert and mentions Róisín Dubh.


interviews and feedback

Dublin has been locked down for almost a week and a half thanks to a visit by Queen Elizabeth II, the funeral of respected politician Garret Fitzgerald and the state visit of USA President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to Ireland.

Despite the decrease in foot traffic in Dublin, sales of Róisín Dubh have been brisk. Plus, there are sales coming in via the Atomic Diner web site, which is not subject to the vagaries of police barricades.

So far the feedback from those who have purchased issue 1 has been positive, with most people demanding issue 2 as soon as possible.

Maura, contrastedWe will do our best!

Also, thanks to Jenni Hill and the fabulous women at Bad Reputation, for their two-part interview with me about Róisín Dubh.

You can read them here: Róisín Dubh, Demons, and Bicycles: an interview with author Maura McHugh (Part One) and Róisín Dubh, Demons, and Bicycles: an interview with author Maura McHugh (Part Two).

We are hugely appreciative of everyone who supports our project!

Rob on Tastes Like Comics

Rob was recently interviewed on the web site Tastes Like Comics, where he talked about his other comic book project The League of Volunteers, as well as Róisín Dubh.