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Review on Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet International

Róisín Dubh issue 1 has been reviewed on the Forbidden Planet International blog by James Bacon.

Here’s the opening salvo:

This comic comes loaded, baby. Filled with modern Chick Power, a dangerous mix of brilliance and style with a political reality lurking just under the surface.

first review is in

Tastes Like Comics

Emmet OCuana at Tastes Like Comics has posted the first review of Róisín Dubh, issue 1 and it’s a corker.

Here’s a snippet:

Atomic Diner once again have successfully mined aspects of Irish culture not often dwelt on in comics. McHugh’s script impresses with its attention to detail and the amusing character beats, and Stephen Daly’s interior art carries an occasional nod to the funky stylings of Jim Mahfood, with Stephen Byrne contributing an excellent and eye-catching Mignola-esque cover. Overall this is a great first issue for a new series, with plenty of talent on display.