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a fun weekend

Maura, Stephen & Robert

Maura, Stephen & Robert at the Róisín Dubh signing.

This is a photo from the Róisín Dubh signing in the Central Hotel last Friday. As you can see, signing can be thirsty work!

Thanks to all the people who turned up to buy copies or brought along their copies to be signed. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and chatting to you about the comic book. There was a constant ebb and flow of people throughout the evening, and the room didn’t empty until close to midnight.

The next day the three of us hit the road to Maynooth for Epic Con. Ashling O’Neill, the director of the convention, greeted us with charm and enthusiasm, and the three us of were treated very well by the rest of the staff and the fans throughout the event.

Stephen, Robert & Maura

Stephen, Robert & Maura back in the classroom at Epic Con

We enjoyed our panels and the interaction with the audience.

Thanks to everyone who supported the comic, and we hope we’ll meet you again at future events!


ICN Awards 2011

ICN Awards Nominations Open

Irish Comic News has initiated its inaugrual ICN awards.

For the next two weeks it will be taking nominations for each category of award, which will be followed by a vote on the short-list.

The winners will be announced on ICN and will recieve web badges to show their victory as well as a printable certificate.

Nominations end on September 30th 2011 for comics that were published in 2011 – except for the HALL OF FAME section.

interviews and feedback

Dublin has been locked down for almost a week and a half thanks to a visit by Queen Elizabeth II, the funeral of respected politician Garret Fitzgerald and the state visit of USA President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to Ireland.

Despite the decrease in foot traffic in Dublin, sales of Róisín Dubh have been brisk. Plus, there are sales coming in via the Atomic Diner web site, which is not subject to the vagaries of police barricades.

So far the feedback from those who have purchased issue 1 has been positive, with most people demanding issue 2 as soon as possible.

Maura, contrastedWe will do our best!

Also, thanks to Jenni Hill and the fabulous women at Bad Reputation, for their two-part interview with me about Róisín Dubh.

You can read them here: Róisín Dubh, Demons, and Bicycles: an interview with author Maura McHugh (Part One) and Róisín Dubh, Demons, and Bicycles: an interview with author Maura McHugh (Part Two).

We are hugely appreciative of everyone who supports our project!