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The Comic Cast Review of issue 1

Liam Geraghty and Craig O Connor, the men behind the Irish podcast The Comic Cast, gave issue 1 of Róisín Dubh a glowing review in their latest edition.

Thanks guys!


Irish Comic News

After the Squarebound event in Dublin recently Irish artist Tommie Kelly realised that the Irish comic book scene could use a central resource, especially to aid networking about comic book events in Ireland, and in a splurge of activity created a terrific site called Irish Comic News.

It describes itself as “…a website dedicated to the Irish comic Scene. It contains interviews, a forum, event guides, tutorials and all news related to the Irish Comic Scene.” Tommie is being helped in his efforts by Patrick Brown, Hilary Lawler and Gar Shanley, with contributions from David O’Leary.

For the past week ICN has been sending a standard questionnaire to Irish comic book creators and posting their responses online. You can read Robert Curely’s answers and  my answers on the site.

As well as this David O’Leary has kindly written a review of issue 1 of Róisín Dubh. Here’s a sampler:

The story is utterly enticing. If this is any indication of what is planned in the overall picture, then we are well placed. I love the period that the book is set in. I love the characters traits and how the time influences the thinking of them, particularly Roisin’s father. I love the attention to the little details that McHugh brings forth. This could be the beginning of something special. Keep your eyes peeled.

The art is also just as noteworthy. The black and white art is exactly what the tone of the story demands of it. There are some cool images in the book, one being the image of the Neamh-Mharibh’s position in the mound after being buried. Something about that panel was visually very catching. The clothes and time specific items must have took a bit of research and the look of the book looks as detailed as the story does. Also, the cover by Stephen Byrne is beautiful in its simplicity.

Review on Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet International

Róisín Dubh issue 1 has been reviewed on the Forbidden Planet International blog by James Bacon.

Here’s the opening salvo:

This comic comes loaded, baby. Filled with modern Chick Power, a dangerous mix of brilliance and style with a political reality lurking just under the surface.

first review is in

Tastes Like Comics

Emmet OCuana at Tastes Like Comics has posted the first review of Róisín Dubh, issue 1 and it’s a corker.

Here’s a snippet:

Atomic Diner once again have successfully mined aspects of Irish culture not often dwelt on in comics. McHugh’s script impresses with its attention to detail and the amusing character beats, and Stephen Daly’s interior art carries an occasional nod to the funky stylings of Jim Mahfood, with Stephen Byrne contributing an excellent and eye-catching Mignola-esque cover. Overall this is a great first issue for a new series, with plenty of talent on display.

The Queen has arrived

Róisín Dubh, Chapter 1, coverThe Queen of Darkness, aka Róisín Dubh, arrived today in Sub-City in Dublin and has already been selling well.

If you wish to purchase it online it costs €5.50, plus €1.00 postage for Ireland, €1.50 for England and and extra €0.50 for other countries.

Copies will be arriving in Sub-City in Galway by the weekend, and in other outlets soon.

Issue 1 is a limited run, so get your copies while you can!